Back To School Child Safety Tips

Back to school safety, and being safe at school in general, is something that parents should discuss with their children on a regular basis. According to the National Safe Kids Campaign, nearly 2.2 million kids ages 14 and younger will be injured in some kind of school related accident this year alone. Many of these accidents, however, can be prevented—and it starts at home!
Use these important back to school safety tips, including school bus safety tips, from the safety experts here at Devcon to help your kids be prepared with the knowledge to make the right decisions and keep themselves safe while at school, as well as while commuting to and from school.
Kids Safety Tips for School: 
• If walking to school, take only a pre-planned route. If possible, walk with friends, and not alone.
• Obey all traffic laws and signals, and cross the street only where there are marked crosswalks, and ideally a crossing guard.
• Stay out of the street while waiting for the bus. Once the bus arrives, quickly board and take a seat.
• Never stop or bend down in front of a school bus, where driver visibility is limited.
• Never accept a ride to school, or leave from school with a stranger, even if he/she claims to be a family friend.
• Always obey all school/classroom rules
• Never leave a classroom without a teacher’s permission
• Never leave school grounds without a teacher or other trusted adult present
• Notify a teacher immediately of any suspicious behavior on or around school grounds
• Come directly home after school, unless a parent makes other arrangements of gives permission to do otherwise

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