Child Safety At Home

As a parent, you never stop worrying about your kids. Whether they’re old enough to stay home alone or not, kids of all ages will find ways to get themselves into trouble. It’s important to talk to your kids about being safe and making smart decisions. To get you started, we’ve created list of child home safety tips.

Child Safety Checklist

• Never leave young children unattended for any length of time
• Keep cleaning supplies, poisons, alcohol and other toxic agents locked up and out of reach
• If you leave older children home alone, be sure they understand the importance of keeping the doors and windows locked at all times. And tell them to never answer the door for anyone other than a trusted friend or family member.
• Never allow your kids to operate the oven, stove, washing machine or other appliance without your supervision
• Never allow young children to shower or bathe unless you or another adult can assist them if needed
• Make sure a list of emergency contact numbers is clearly posted

Child Safety Online

Before allowing your kids to use the Internet:
• Talk to them about the right and wrong ways to use it
• Keep your family computer in a common room, like the kitchen or living room
• Install parental controls to prevent access to inappropriate material
• Be aware of the websites your kids are visiting

Make sure your kids know:

• ALWAYS ask your permission prior to accessing the Internet
• Never chat with strangers or give out personal information, even if that person claims to be a friend
• Always tell you when someone asks for personal information, like name, age, address or phone number

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