Devcon Fire Safety Tips

Fire prevention is the key to home fire safety.

Here’s a list of quick, easily implemented fire safety tips and prevention measures from the experts here at Devcon to help you ensure that your family is safe and protected from harm at all times. Please feel free to share it with everyone!

Essential Fire Safety Tips:

• Install smoke detectors. Every floor of your home should have an installed smoke detector, including inside and outside of each bedroom/sleeping area. It’s extremely important to test your smoke detectors regularly and change out the batteries in each detector AT LEAST once a year.

• Kitchen safety. Never leave your pots and pans on the hot stove unattended. Try to have a working fire extinguisher in your kitchen and other areas where you might have an open flame, like near a fireplace or backyard barbeque grill.

• On your way out. Before leaving home (even if it’s just for a few minutes) be sure to turn off and/or unplug appliances like coffee makers, curling irons, toasters and clothes irons. It’s also important that you not leave candles unattended, so remember to blow them out!

• Eliminate potential hazards. You can start by clearing out any dead trees or shrubbery from your property. Yes, this includes leaves. Your firewood pile could also pose a danger if it sits against your house. Simply move your woodpile a safe distance out into your yard.

• Electrical Wiring. If you experience any problems, or suspect any issues with the electrical wiring in your home, have an experienced electrician come and conduct an inspection immediately.

• Plan an escape. In the best interest of your family, have everyone practice how to get out of the house in the event of a fire. Be sure to designate a meeting place outside the home, so you’ll all know when everyone is out safely.

• Make a fire safety checklist. Sit down with your family, and make a checklist of fire prevention and safety measures, including ways to prevent fires at home, as well as the steps to take should an actual fire occur. Post this checklist on the refrigerator, bulletin board, or other highly visible area for quick and easy access at all times.

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